X METAVERSE PRO, an ecosystem built on DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0 by a group of crypto enthusiasts to provide the development of decentralized apps


In recent years, the DeFi market has brought an upsurge of interest from all over the world in the blockchain ecosystem. In no time, DeFi seized the attention of investors from all over the world, and capital worth billions of dollars were poured into the field. Aspiring to create a finance system based on true decentralization, X METAVERSE PRO starts by lowering the DeFi entry threshold for investments. While aiming to create a virtual space in the digital world that caters to all investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts, they strive to facilitate crypto enthusiasts from all over the world into the DeFi world. X METAVERSE PRO is an ecosystem built on DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0 architectures driven by a group of crypto enthusiasts and experts to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for the development of decentralized applications (dApps). It works by allowing developers to create dApps on the blockchain while their codes are installed on X METAVERSE PRO’s smart contracts for investments across the globe. This fundamental approach streamlines the DeFi market operations and improves transaction processes in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Since its establishment, X METAVERSE PRO commits to the pursuit of novel and high-potential blockchain projects, aiming to generate deep and sustainable value growth for DeFi and future tokenized applications. Backed by the latest blockchain financial technology, X METAVERSE INC operates as the parent company that holds a variety of businesses including online banking, insurance, trust, legal lending, real estate, and more. In the future, X METAVERSE PRO plans to realize the execution of X METAWORLD—a virtual city promising an immersive 3D experience. Through the power of blockchain, the entire ecosystem will be structured by projects revolving non-fungible tokens (NFTs & NFT Marketplace), GameFi, decentralized exchanges (DEX), stablecoins, digital insurance products, venture capital (VC) platforms, hosting platforms, and many more. At present, the group has been listed in the United States and is gradually expanding its target market to global territories. X METAVERSE PRO designed $XMETA, an ecological currency incorporating Web 3.0 and DeFi 3.0 technologies to promote ecological development. $XMETA acts as the ecosystem's sole native token, facilitating its expansive application to all products and services. Such promising projects are deemed to bring sustained value and stable returns for $XMETA, thus cultivating an $X-META world-centered financial ecosystem.

Our Advantages in X METAVERSE PRO

Low on-chain data storage cost

We provide decentralized data storage for all Web 3.0 dApps running on the Metaverse chain, achieving low-cost storage, enhanced privacy protection, and effective error prevention.

Enhanced Web 3.0 user experience

Our smart contracts are based on Web 3.0, providing developers with a public blockchain that grants greater transparency, censorship resistance, and decentralization.

Inverse gas fee model

The use of DeFi application allows users to avoid gas fees when interacting with smart contracts. As the publisher of the platform's smart contracts, we will bear the gas fees while our users can fully enjoy the services.

Anonymous verification

Web 3.0 dApps based on the Internet Computer maintain user anonymity through an anonymous blockchain authentication system. This maintains user anonymity by ensuring that users will not be tracked for using cross-dApp interactive services.

Unlimited Scalability

To effectively increase network capacity, the Internet Computer can continuously form new "sub-networks" on the blockchain to achieve unlimited network expansion, increase network throughput, and boost total transaction rate.

High-efficiency Transaction Processes

X METAVERSE PRO is designed to continuously process mass updates and transactions without compromising speed, security, sovereignty, or decentralization.


X METAVERSE PRO exerts great focus on network scalability in the aspects of technological design. Simultaneously, the platform prioritizes privacy protection measures required by the dApps itself. Through vigorous practice and continuous refinement, a complete set of X META models has been formed for developers to face daily development issues. Such model involves security, maintainability, lifecycle management, authentication, and more.

Chain Key Technology

The Chain Key Technology is a set of cryptographic protocols enabling second-level efficiency for aspects such as transaction confirmation and increasing network scalability. This is achieved by adding nodes and generating subnets.

Network Nervous System (NNS)

It is an open algorithm system mainly responsible for network control, configuration, and management. It allows network upgrades to be automatically completed, allowing the blockchain network to expand infinitely.

Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof (NIZK)

It is a cryptographic scheme that offers privacy protection throughout multi-party verification processes. It effectively protects account privacy and transaction information while providing security and privacy for smart contract executions.

Quantum Resistant Encryption

This is an algorithm that is highly secure in the network environment, and its efficiency far exceeds that of traditional computing methods. While it resists all known traditional cryptographic attacks, it also protects against quantum computer attacks.