X METAVERSE PRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


X METAVERSE PRO is a digital world virtual space created by the X METAVERSE Foundation with huge investment and applying a variety of latest cutting-edge technologies, which integrates 5G, VR, AR, MR, brain-computer interface, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital twin, etc. The ultimate imagining of technology allows everyone to truly free themselves from the constraints of geographic location and physical space, and to digitize how they live, socialize, and create based on digitizing assets and identities.

How does X METAVERSE PRO technology work?

The platform prioritizes privacy protection measures required by the dApps itself which involves maintainability, lifecycle management, authentication, and more.

What is $XMETA?

$XMETA is the sole native token of X METAWORLD, which can be invested in all products and services within the ecosystem.

How does the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem work?

The ecosystem covers stringent plans for the four major projects; NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, and Social Copy Trading.

How does X METAVERSE PRO help as a Dei ecosystem?

Strategic approaches streamline DeFi operations and improve transaction processes in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.