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X Metaverse reimagines the blockchain and its underlying protocols to implement Turing-complete smart contracts for privacy protection, which not only makes it possible for a broader range of application scenarios to obtain privacy protection measures, but also makes it more difficult for attackers to gain access to users' private data thanks to the implementation of the advanced NIZK cryptography algorithm.

Moreover, the X Metaverse group not only considers privacy protection but the measures required by the decentralized application itself, but it also plans to provide solutions from the perspective of application implementation, from the perspective of peer-to-peer network transmission security, and from the perspective of the privacy of the account's physical network address, which can enable robust privacy protection features when interacting with the centralized application or with the user's client.

When it comes to privacy, X Metaverse employs UTXO mode at the computing layer, and it may also mirror the logically similar ACCOUNT mode to enable the functioning of Turing-complete smart contract virtual machines. Smart contracts are given unprecedented power by X Metaverse's combination of transaction, consensus, and Pedersen Commitment algorithms.


The applications of blockchain technology are expanded by X META-NFT. X META-NFT is dedicated to enhancing NFT transaction standards by the acquisition of famous traditional and NFT artworks as underlying assets. It helps government organizations, academic institutions, legal professionals, and business leaders craft policies that are beneficial to the industry's growth. The blockchain has achieved extensive use in three key areas: financial transactions, group work, and archiving. There isn't a generic NFT that can cover all three applications. Aside from being a popular movement in the blockchain sector, this is the factor that will most likely cause a paradigm shift in the sector and propel it to the next level.

X META-NFT, a blockchain company, plans to invest in artistic works, encourage conventional businesses to use NFT technology, and make use of favorable market conditions, business climate, government regulations, and other factors in order to expand the scope of blockchain's applications.


Through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), holders of $XMETA can take part in platform governance by casting votes on important issues pertaining to the city's infrastructure and ecosystem. A user can use X META's NFT marketplaces to sell digital assets (non-fungible tokens, or NFTs) they have created. Metropolis Box, a piece of GameFi software, allows users to create games by dragging and dropping elements around a digital city.

As a fully interactive virtual world, X Metaverse holds immense business and social interaction potential. By combining the exciting aspects of virtual reality (VR) technology with those of video games, social media, and cryptocurrency, blockchain has made it possible for consumers to make transactions in virtual goods using fiat cash outside of the metaverse. The X Metaverse Investment platform has the potential to become an integral part of the next generation of blockchain-based online games.

Players of the X META GameFi platform need to work together to improve the game's virtual world's infrastructure if they want to win. In a similar vein, the development crew is continually in touch with players to find out what elements are most valued by them. This ensures that funds are going toward developing content that people actually want to utilize.


With the X META SPAC Investment platform, publicly traded firms of all sizes can develop and monitor an integrated investor relations strategy. By adopting a platform strategy, you can aggregate all of your program's investor data with shareholder analytics for actionable insights into how to best reach and engage your investors and who among your stakeholders is most crucial.

As such, it offers investors a variety of advantages that are unavailable from conventional forms of capital and liquidity. When compared to traditional IPOs, SPACs have many advantages, including higher valuations, less dilution, faster access to finance, greater certainty and transparency, reduced fees, and fewer regulatory duties.

$XMETA Token

The goal of $XMETA, a protocol for distributing DeFi liquidity, is to generate sustainable liquidity rather than short-term liquidity mining. To create a fully decentralized internet value transmission ecosystem in the age of Web3.0, $XMETA combines a locking mechanism, cultivates a long-term stakeholder community through token distribution, builds an open block ecological network with a virtuous cycle and two-way incentive on the chain, and implements the development concept of DEFI+WEB3.0+DAO governance, which broadens the platform and community market consensus, reshapes the existing Internet operation model.

Features of $XMETA Token

  • Improve capital utilization in a more open manner;
  • Take deposits with low risk to obtain sufficient liquidity;
  • Introduce multiple roles ( LP and LD ) in liquidity work, and everyone does their best.

X META Exchange

X META Exchange is a digital currency exchange (DCE) and also known as digital asset exchange (DAX), where users are allowed to trade one digital currency for another, or even for fiat currency or another digital currency. Beyond developing global financial platforms and cryptocurrency exchange software, crypto marketplace applications, and cryptocurrency exchanges, the X META group also develops digital financial services like digital banking, online brokerage, and bitcoin custody vaults.

The platform supports a broad variety of deposit and withdrawal options, including but not limited to PayPal, credit card payments, bank wire transfers, and other payment systems, to simplify the buying and selling of digital currencies and other digital assets.