Our Ecosystem in X METAVERSE PRO

Realising life, finance, and entertainment as one

As a cultivator of the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem, the team has utilized its extensive experience in various fields to make stringent plans for the four major projects. Their aim is to build the world's first virtual city that combines the Metaverse with financial services. Through these steadily developing projects, the value of the sole native token in the ecosystem—$XMETA, will grow steadily. In this virtual world, all participants in the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem will achieve added asset values, obtain stable revenue growth, and be free to utilise one-stop services incorporating life, finance, and entertainment.

X Metaverse

Fusing the metaverse and finance at an extensive level

The Metaverse has shown an explosive trend, with products and services in the fields of GameFi, NFT, DAO, and finance rapidly emerging one after another. The prosperity of the Metaverse is closely related to the creation, trading, storage, and circulation of digital assets. That is why X METAVERSE PRO strives to build a blockchain-based ecosystem, incorporating the metaverse and finance. Built on the Metaverse concept, X METAWORLD is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds, with social connection as its central focus. The X METAWORLD will enable all innovative yet decentralized financial functions such as NFT trading, GameFi, DEX, lending, stablecoins, banking, insurance, trust, etc. The overall operation concept of X METAVERSE PRO is jointly planned and conceived by its team and technical team. With the team's expertise in blockchain, DeFi, traditional finance, and other fields, it will create an ecosystem that can unlock the infinite potential of the Metaverse.


Bringing Growth and Innovation to the NFT Ecosystem in X METAVERSE PRO

  • ● NFTs have unique and irreplaceable properties, allowing owners to truly enjoy individual digital ownership of Web 3.0. X METAVERSE PRO-NFT is one of the major projects created by X METAVERSE PRO. It is a comprehensive platform integrating NFT trading, incubating, and minting services, focused on meeting the needs of every NFT enthusiast, developer, and artist worldwide.

  • ● X METAVERSE PRO-NFT aims to allow NFT enthusiasts to enjoy NFT trading services that are safer and more convenient, along with lower entry thresholds. The platform has developed cooperative relations with Christie's, Sotheby's, Nifty Gateway—the world's largest NFT trading platform, and well-known NFT artists of Beeple. The established connections have laid X METAVERSE PRO NFT a solid foundation for its future position in the NFT market.

  • ● To promote the global NFT ecosystem's vigorous development, the team focuses on building a complete NFT work incubation system to promote NFT productions that reign in quality and innovation. The platform supports the minting process via the underlying technology of the ERC-721/TRC-721 blockchain. From there, NFT artworks are minted into unique on-chain tokens, with the token information and artwork records of each NFT stored on the BitTorrent File System (BTFS). The NFT will be permanently stored in the smart contract, thus ensuring that the NFT's equity belongs to the NFT holder.


Creating a complete on-chain gaming ecosystem in X METAVERSE PRO

  • ● In view of the rapid development of the Web 3.0 game ecosystem, X METAVERSE PRO plans to develop Web 3.0 game products, aiming to create a leading game ecosystem for gamers and game developers. Built on the framework of Polygon Edge, the platform promises all players unprecedented capabilities.

  • ● The platform will provide economic incentives for blockchain gamers, allowing them the opportunity to make money while having fun. Players can earn X META cryptocurrencies and X META NFT rewards by completing missions, playing against other players, and leveling up. Unlike traditional video games, players can transfer their in-game rewards and utilize them to trade on the X META NFT market or X META cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • ● X METAVERSE PRO is working on building a mature ecosystem for the Web3 game protocol, providing leading technologies for gamers and the game ecosystem. Taking advantage of the Polygon blockchain's decentralized nature, the ecosystem will devise a unique set of on-chain game solutions. With its plentiful resources and leading technology, X METAVERSE PRO aspires to become the preferred Polygon blockchain-based game ecosystem for players worldwide.

Social Copy Trading in X METAVERSE PRO

Developing the world's top trade and investment community

What is X META Social Copy Trading?

X META Social trading is a special type of investing that allows you to observe the way other users and trading experts trade in order to follow their trading strategies. Unlike hiring traditional wealth managers, who can be expensive, creating a trading account is easy and requires minimal financial expertise. By providing the greatest trading platform for traders to communicate with one another and get insight from the experiences and insights of their peers, X METAVERSE PRO has increased the effectiveness of social trading. Social trading is a viable solution for both inexperienced traders hoping to gain experience and skilled traders seeking to diversify their holdings. The purpose is to make use of other people's experience and knowledge in trading and to pick up new skills in a social setting. If you are a beginner in the trading world, this setting can help you avoid some of the most common problems, such as dealing with capital markets.

Why Should You Use X META Social Copy Trading?

X META Social Copy Trading network allows less time spent looking for accurate market information. You can rely on your social trading network to assist get the knowledge you need to enter a trade or manage your risk instead of reading thousands of articles. Experiencing the learning curve with the help of a group is considerably easier than doing so on your own. Although there is a wealth of resources to help you learn, it is still challenging to get started in trading. Therefore it is helpful to have mentors who can show you the ropes. Gaining knowledge and insight from more experienced traders is one of the main advantages of participating in the X META Social Copy Trading Community in the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem.

X META Social Copy Trading Cooperation

X METAVERSE PRO Social Copy Trading Platform - X METAVERSE PRO facilitates a two-way conversation and the sharing of valuable resources, acting as an intermediary between new and experienced traders with features like posting information, commenting, liking posts, and exchanging messages.

Experienced Traders - The signal supplier. They trade on their own account and let new traders copy their moves.

New Traders/Investors - They can copy the platform's trading styles and signals from other professional traders.

Broker - Assures order execution and access to copying. If the broker benefits from the trading activity and attraction of new customers.

A Mirror-trading Experience

The immense improvement of financial technology brought about the 5G era, pushing the dissemination of information to the next level. Consequently, foreign copy trading communities started to emerge in the fields of investments, with more and more investors participating in the foreign exchange (FX) market through copy trading.

X METAVERSE PRO is building an all-new FX social trading platform with cutting-edge copy trading systems, convenient multi-account management, an all-rounded risk control guarantee, and comprehensive community communication services. Among these features, the multi-account management system allows investors to simultaneously manage trading accounts on multiple broker platforms via one account registration.

$XMETA Token Mining

Crypto mining is a process where verification of the digital token transactions by X METAVERSE PRO is done to guarantee that they are valid and added to the blockchain network. The basic goal of mining is to validate and monitor $XMETA transactions, assuring the legitimacy, and the reward tokens that miners earn are an incentive that pushes individuals to help with this task. Our flagship token is a "decentralized" cryptocurrency, meaning it does not rely on a central authority like a central bank or government to supervise the regulation because all of our users worldwide share these obligations.

Why Mine Our $XMETA Token?

X METAVERSE PRO blockchain technology is a game-changing innovation. Because the currency lacks a central issuing body, international trade can occur quickly and easily without being hindered by local or national authorities. Miners see value in the decentralization of cryptocurrency.

In addition, mining cryptocurrencies requires a significant investment of time and energy, which should be rewarded monetarily. In our X METAVERSE PRO Ecosystem, miners are essential because they "seal" transactions in a block by completing complicated mathematical problems. There will be more of a market for the tokens if more users are willing to mine it.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have the option of buying the commodity on our exchange platform, but the most meaningful way they can contribute and keep the ball rolling is by mining our flagship token, $XMETA and it is very easy to get started! Investing in the best and most reliable crypto mining service like X METAVERSE PRO allows one to sit back and watch as their money is used to mine the tokens.


X METAVERSE PRO is a platform that uses X META SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) to pool resources with other investors to purchase privately held firms to publicize it via an initial public offering (IPO). When the X META SPAC completes an initial public offering (IPO) to generate the necessary capital, the proceeds are placed in a trust until either a specified time period has elapsed or the targeted acquisition is completed. In the event of a successful acquisition by the X META SPAC, the founders will receive a return on their investment proportional to their equity stake in the newly formed firm (typically 10% of the common stock), while investors would acquire equity positions proportional to their capital commitment.

X META Copy Trading

In recent years, copy trading's rise in popularity as a passive income strategy in the financial markets has been rapid. New investors have a chance to make as much as experienced traders by employing copy trading features and other advanced tools found in the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem.

With the help of the X META Copy Trading platform, both experienced traders and those with less experience can work together as a team and share their strategies with their subscribers and investors. Furthermore, all trades completed by the management are duplicated to a designated part of the investor’s money either automatically or semi-automatically.

X META Copy Fund

X META Copy Fund is a form of investing whereby news traders can mimic the actions of experienced traders in the hopes of achieving the same level of success. From this, the investor saves on the fees normally charged by mutual funds to cover the investment's cost. In the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem, users and investors are able to learn how to read trading charts and know when to buy and sell X META cryptocurrencies. Not only that, all users may also watch a professional trader in action in real-time.