$XMETA Investment in Hand

The Metaverse Investment is at your command

$XMETA is the sole native token of X-METAWORLD, which can be invested in all products and services within the ecosystem. The token's value will also increase through the steady development of numerous expansion projects. While token holders hold precedence over attaining sustainable value and stable returns for investment, they can also invest in high-potential projects in the ecosystem. $XMETA is the first reserve currency in Metaverse and our ecosystem.

Bonding $XMETA Token

In the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem, users are able to lend, borrow, and hedge the tokens. In order to increase your tokens' potential for block creation and reward distribution, the ecosystem will pool them with those of other users

Staking $XMETA Token

In the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem, users can lock up a portion of their $XMETA Token to contribute to the security of the decentralized network. By staking our digitized tokens, the payments are made to assist in validating the network.

Referring $XMETA Token

The referral program in X METAVERSE PRO lets you and your referral partners earn more bonuses. This works as your referral partner signs in with your unique referral link and makes a trade.

Holding $XMETA Token

Our token is available for trading and to be used as a form of currency. Not only that, most of our users also opt to hold the token as the market goes down. This helps to become a great short-term period investment method. Investors who are optimistic in the long-term performance of the market might take advantage of the market volatility by acquiring more tokens as they like at lower prices.

Investing with $XMETA Token

If there’s one thing you should know then it is that our token does not rely on a central authority to verify transactions or create new units. The fundamental approach by the X METAVERSE PRO ecosystem streamlines the DeFi market operations and improves transaction processes in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Total initial issuance 300 million $XMETA

Private Placement: 15 million

Founding Team: 30 million

Institutional: 15 million

Airdrop: 9 million

Marketing: 6 million

DAO Fund: 15 million

Ecological Output: 210 million


  1. Q1 Completion of angel funding

    Q2 Technical and operation team preparation

    Q3 Demonstration of technical achievements

    Q4 Implementation of testnet development

  2. Q1 Publication of white paper and business plan (early version)

    Q2 Publication of white paper and business plan (complete version)

    Q3 Start of IDO with online trading and online gold coin mining App

    Q4 Launch of $XMETA on main trading markets for investments

  3. Q1 Launch of X METAVERSE PRO decentralized finance (DeFi) platform for investment

    Q2 Launch of 3D GameFi and NFT trading market

    Q3 Launch of metaverse asset management ecosystem, development of digital asset management, and realization of virtual finance

    Q4 Launch the main network and realize the first basic public chain in the digital virtual that integrates social networking, games, finance, entertainment, and life.