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X METAVERSE PRO is an ecosystem built on DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0 architectures, driven by a group of crypto enthusiasts and experts. To build a comprehensive ecosystem, they are dedicated to realizing the build of X METAWORLD—a virtual city promising an immersive 3D experience. Using blockchain technology, X METAVERSE PRO will build an ecosystem that integrates NFT digital collections, on-chain games, copy trading communities, stablecoins, etc. At present, our group has been listed in the United States and is gradually expanding the market to global territories.

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Our Ecosystem

Realising life, finance, and entertainment as one

X METAVERSE PRO merges various blockchain technologies into planning and building four major promising projects. Through the sole native token of the ecosystem—$XMETA, the projects will form a unique economic system that brings high-potential value and benefits in investment to its token holders.


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Social Trading

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Our Advantages

  • Low on-chain data storage cost
  • Enhanced Web 3.0 user experience
  • Inverse gas fee model
  • Anonymous verification
  • 100% sovereign infrastructure
  • Unlimited scalability
  • High-efficiency transaction processes

Our Technology

  • Network Nervous System (NNS)

    Manage and configure network efficiently, automate network upgrades

  • Chain Key Technology

    Confirm transactions at peak efficiency, improve network scalability

  • Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof (NIZK)

    Protect account privacy transaction information through multi-party computation (MPC)

  • Quantum Resistant Encryption

    Securing the network environment against traditional cryptographic attacks and quantum attacks

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X METAVERSE PRO Global Partner Recruitment Node

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Ecological Token $XMETA

To promote ecological development, X METAVERSE PRO has created $XMETA—an ecological currency incorporating Web 3.0 and DeFi 3.0 technologies. $XMETA acts as the ecosystem's sole native token, facilitating its expansive application to all products and services. Such promising projects are deemed to bring sustained value and stable returns for $XMETA, thus cultivating an $X-META world-centered financial ecosystem

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Latest Videos



X METAVERSE PRO joined a huge cryptocurrency event in Dubai, where multiple traders, investors, affiliates, and leaders in the cryptocurrency industry explored the opportunity to network and discover more commercial opportunities in the area.



X METAVERSE PRO welcomed more than 150 professional traders, investors, and leaders worldwide to China for a launching event after a successful breakthrough in developing a decentralized ecosystem built on DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0 architectures.


X METAVERSE PRO was a Highlight in Singapore Token2049

X METAVERSE PRO prides itself on offering decentralized financial solutions through an immersive virtual community. During the Token2049 event, X METAVERSE PRO became the highlight by showcasing their extensive services that break through technological barriers. The team aims to attract a much bigger audience for future events.


X METAVERSE PRO will create a new metaverse eco-track

X METAVERSE PRO aims to become an asset management expert in the DeFi field and the strongest financial engine in the industry. To this end, the team continually works to improve the user interface, reduce the number of clicks required to perform a search or evaluate a product, and prioritizes a pleasant overall experience.


X METAVERSE PRO won "the Most Advanced Metaverse Project" at the Crypto Expo in Dubai on October 5th

The team from X METAVERSE PRO showcased their multiple financial services developed with the best aspects of Web3 technologies and traditional finance to the attendees highlighting the benefits of diversifying their investment portfolio.